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How My Weekend Went!! – Season 2 – EP#2

How My Weekend Went!! – Season 2 – EP#2 @EPICforealzHow My Weekend Went!! – Season 2 – EP#2 Another long yet interesting week for me and #TeamEPICforealz. From private parties to turning up the club at EPIC Remix Saturdays… To a baby shower that had us all laughing the entire night… this started and ended […]


How My Weekend Went (Season 2 – EP#1) – @EPICforealz

Back at it!! .. Each and every week there’s all sorts of things going on and it just so happens that you guys enjoy checking out all of the crazy things that i get into….. soooooo… Here you go! Don’t forget to check back every week for new videos, updates, events, pics, and EVERYTHING EPIC! […]


Miami Carnival 2015 – EPICforealz Vlog Video

  Miami Carnival was nothing short of EPIC this year! Here’s all the action from my vantage point. Shouts out to all the people involved in making this weekend happen, Masqueraders Carnival groups for taking care of all my accommodations & everyone that came together and had a great weekend. Stay posted for more info […]


FB Vlog – Stop depending on others with your life!

New video!! STOP Depending on others to be responsible for the state of your life! Quick video speaking on how people get comfortable blaming other people for things they should not have been responsible for to begin with. Check out the video and share it with your friends if you can relate! Look out for […]